Our Products

Our Beef

The quality of beef, as with many foods, can vary greatly depending on where it is grown, how it is raised and how it is processed. We go to great lengths to bring you the best we can find that is ethically raised and produced to the highest standards. Quality without compromise.

Our Lamb

We use only quality, Australian lamb to provide you with best cuts you can buy. Our lamb is raised on the sweet grasses of Victoria, Tasmania and southern NSW.

Our Pork

We are proud to have joined forces with Gooralie Pork to bring you quality RSPCA Approved free range pork grown in Goondiwindi QLD.

Our Chicken

Elgin Valley, a proudly Qld company, is our supplier of quality free range poultry and eggs. Delivering on-demand, we can’t ask for fresher than that!

Our Smallgoods

We supply the best in naturally woodsmoked ham and bacon, nitrate-free ham and bacon and an assortment of locally made Qld smallgoods.

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